Don’t Forget your tooth-brush!

I’m packing tonight.

No, I’m not just overly excited, tomorrow I begin the move to Cwmdu with IAC HQ.  First stop Wiltshire and then Friday morning a quick jump across the Severn (though I may use the bridge) and Irregular Astro Camp 2012 begins!

Scope is cleaned and ready, star-maps, moon maps, planispheres (x2), red torch, pencil tin, sketch pads, lap-top (when i’m finished here) all packed.  My observers chair is by the door, ground sheet is in the car already and my deer-stalker is waiting for the off.

So what is ahead?

Well the weather forecast is looking spectacular so it looks like the sky will deliver.

So Friday we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Cwmdu and after a spot of dinner a cracking nights observation.  There will be a live moon-web cast and plenty of scope sharing and expert (and not so expert!) advice on tap.

You know what this needs? Scopes! Lots of scopes!

Saturday 9-9.30am at the Farmers Arms for some well earned breakfast and then perhaps some sleep and maybe some Solar-Astronomy.

Then the action itself moves to the Farmers Arms for Astronomers in the Pub.  Beer, food and astronomy talks culminating in an Astro-pub quiz with some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Our home from home! The Farmers Arms.

After we’ve had out fill of beer and grub it is back to the camp-site for our second nights observation for all those objects we missed the first night or just need a second look at.

I will be sketching all weekend and hoping to produce a full range of moon, solar, planetary and DSO sketches.  @Astro_Den blog and IAC2012 Blog will be live and providing comment and seeking interviews all weekend and at the insistence of @ActiveAstro I will be doing a little talk in the pub- castration, Oven cleaner and Zepplins to feature…

So there we are.  Final countdown has begun, we are go for launch and conditions are looking ideal.

See you all soon!


About astronomersden

Daddy, Hubby, Teacher and when ever I get the chance Astronomer.
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